Awards and Honors

ICMA-RC Awards and Honors

ICMA-RC is committed to providing public employees with effective financial education to help them achieve their retirement savings goals, as we partner with plan sponsors to achieve their plans' objectives.

Since 2010, ICMA-RC, in partnership with our clients, has earned more than 170 awards and honors for our education and communication resources, including outreach efforts that have focused on education, technology, innovation, and leadership.

Some of the resources that have been honored over the past year are listed below, and include client-focused videos and campaigns and ICMA-RC educational initiatives.

Some of our most recent awards and recognition:

Society for New Communications Research

  • ICMA-RC RealizeRetirement® Tour

P&I Eddy Awards

  • District of Columbia Conversion Campaign

Dalbar Seal of Excellence

  • ICMA-RC's Plan Sponsor Website (EZLink)

NAGDCA Leadership Awards

  • Virginia Retirement System Hybrid Plan

American Business Association Stevie Awards

Communicator Awards

Mobile Web Awards

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